Gyo GUTS, also known as Fish Song, is a Canadian game designer and an artist with BIG HOPES and BIG DREAMS - just a small time fish in a really big sea. Currently studying Game Design at Sheridan College

Fish doesn't like writing this About page in third person or in the first so I'm just going to stop and start talking to you like I'm right there with you. Hi! I'm Fish! I like to design games, write stories, and draw art! I'm bright, I'm cheerful, and I'm hilarious and I highly encourage you to confirm this!

"Oh, but Fish, how can you say you do all of these things? You should focus on just one! You can't possibly be good at all of them!"

Watch me. 

Currently Playing:

  • Overwatch, Lots Of Overwatch

Feel free to contact me at any of my social media outlets or email me at if you're shy!

BTag: Fish #11113
Server: Zul'Jin