Space Hotdog: Introduction Summary!

Alright, since I’m not in school right now, I thought I should start a dev log on my personal projects - this will probably encourage me to keep working. If anything, it’ll be something embarrassing to look back on in a year. I think this log is going to be a little longer (or shorter, who knows) since I’ve been designing for this a little longer than this log. Since I’m going to be undertaking most aspects of this project on my own, I’ll be tagging my posts with whatever I’m working on at the time!

Anyways! A little bit of intro on my current project! So, Space Hotdog (shortened to SH) is a bit of an ambitious dream of mine that I wanted to undertake on my own. It’s an RPG game that uses social mechanics as combat and has a strong focus on narrative and art - things that I love! I’ll just copy and paste the summary I mocked up.

Space Hotdog is an pseudo-isometric rpg game about a hotdog from space. Join Space Hotdog, as it completes its last year in high school for an exchange program on Earth.

It will face the many perils of social constructs and navigate the trenches of conversation with its peers, attempting a mastery upon interaction.

People, after all, are puzzles, are they not?


The game is designed as a dungeon crawler. I want to play around the idea of procedural generation in future levels but for now, I’ll be manually creating the introductory levels. Players walk around in an isometric room and when they exit, they enter a random room on the level. There is no map - and Space Hotdog is horrible with directions (something about Earth’s magnetic fields?) you’ll have to keep walking around, trying to find the room you want or the person you’re looking for!

Interface Concept

Interface Concept

Characters will give you mini missions - sometimes to talk to someone else, sometimes to get something for them, maybe to meet them somewhere and hang out.


Combat in SH manifests in the form of conversations. Space Hotdog is new to Earth so it doesn’t understand what is socially acceptable and what isn’t! Combat is designed to give you a variety of different dialogue options to choose from in a turn based conversation. Certain choices will level up Space Hotdog’s traits and can affect a character’s perception of you.

Traits are the statistics of the game which can unlock more dialogue options or affect your public reputation. Your traits include: Charisma, Tact, Humor, Honesty, Reasoning, Reliability, Observant, Firm.

Sometimes there is no right answer. There’s no perfect way to socialize, people are different, they have different reactions. You could be honest but it could lower your tact trait.

You can choose not to engage people - but you’ll never develop your social skills that way! Which is fine if you would like to be a more introverted hotdog! But while it might make things a little easier for you to avoid current challenges - sometimes it’ll benefit you more to practice while you can for the future.


HAHA!!! It’s a SECRET. I’ll talk a little bit more about this in future post.


I was considering doing 3D models for everything, looking at various styles.

Idle Animation

Idle Animation

I’m currently struggling on importing my model/texture into Unity at this very moment. Also, considering using either Flash or 2D sprites. Further research required!


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Fish looks into the distance. Well I’ve got basic character controls down. Will update with struggles later probably.


I am absolutely inept at audio - I’m going to be asking for help on this one for sure. Even though audio is extremely important in establishing mood and feel, I think I can leave it as a separate priority until the game is a little more concrete!


Global Game Jam is this Friday so hopefully I can get started on some more work! Get some character designs out at least!

Talk to you on the flipside!