Ciardha Naoise

Start State

Start State

Name: Ciardha Naoise (Prefers Ciar)
Age: 23
Introduced: Chapter 6.3

Personality: Crass, Rude, Aggressive, Selfish, Entitled, Efficient, Cynical

At first glance, Ciar is an extremely foul person who does whatever he wants and nothing else. Aggressive and short tempered, he is willing to get into fights for whatever reason. 

His sense of self preservation is extremely high, willing to look past his pride in order to see another tomorrow.

Past: Ciar, alongside his older brother of three years (Odhran), was raised by his young mother, Grainne Naoise. Raised was a loose term, Grainne barely wanted the first child never mind the second, moving them from motel to motel as she tried to make ends meet with her part time jobs.

Extremely superstitious and of an older fashion (if that didn't explain the naming conventions of her children), it was the last straw for her when Odhran discovered he could transform into a greatsword. That was a devil's work, she would not associate with either child any longer, one day never coming home.

That meant little to the two brothers, they were practically used to raising themselves already, whether it be through mischief or theft - they had learned early on that surviving would never be legal or pretty. You earned what you had and your actions were your worth.

Eventually, Odhran was paroled into attending Grimoire far before the events of the main storyline and his brother came alongside with him as his meister. 

For four years, his life was finally something resembling normal, getting an education, a safe place, respected and loved by peers - finally getting the childhood that all children deserved. 

Until his brother died in an incident he hadn't even been near. It didn't matter, the fact that he wasn't there was the most crushing aspect of it all.

Before his introduction to the main storyline, Ciar has lost multiple weapons, multiple friends up until the point he decided enough was enough. It took five weapons to bring him to this jaded state of cynicism. He views the school with much apprehension and distaste, having been stuck here for a total of ten years. 

Ciar's past is filled with constant abandonment and loss due to his failures. He has no intention to get close to anybody again in fear that he will fail them. At his core, his greatest fear is hurting those he cares about. 


Chapter 6.3 - Some Complex Reprise

During a patrol, a seraph scout encounters the group and they are forced to fight. Ciar makes a fast agreement with Marie, a warhammer, that quickly ends with both parties despising each other. She is independant and does not tolerate disrespect whereas Ciar only wants a weapon that will be a weapon. 

They mutually agree to never work with each other again, however, the resistance does not allow this, putting a formal request for the two of them to continue their partnership. As two of the strongest members of Elysium, this comes as no surprise to either of them. However, they allow this only on paper, agreeing to stay out of each out of the way, otherwise. 

Chapter 7.1 - Insanity Suppression

Alistair goes crazy after figuring out that the future he sees is all wrong. In his frustration, he maliciously plays around with the mental states of resistance members, forcing them to reverse their opinions of others. Ciar is relatively unaffected with a lack of opinion to most except Marie. 

She is now in a place that he hasn't let anybody near for five years and he has no idea how to handle it except to give her anything she wants. 

Chapter 7.2 - The Pitch

Despite being on good terms, Ciar refuses to resonate with her, he can't do it with someone he actually cares about, fear of letting her get any closer. However, when the seraphs make an attempt to ascend Marie, who has an extreme fear of losing who she is, he does not hesitate to defend her. While Marie is not ascended, they are both affected by corruption, severely limiting their future choices in partners.

During the civil war, the two of them pick opposing sides. Marie agrees with Q's ruthless ways, believing that they have survived this long, if they do not make that final push, what was the point? Ciar, however, raised with extreme fear for the dead, while he agrees with the sentiment, cannot bring himself to go to a side that will be eating the souls of the dead. They part on amicable terms.

Chapter 8.1 - When Rome's In Ruins

While patrolling on the border between Q and Blanc territory, there is a gas attack that causes hallucinations in those affected. It is particularly potent to Ciar, showing him all those who died because of him, effectively crippling him and continuing to traumatize him even after the event. He locks himself away and refuses to acknowledge anyone for the duration of the civil war.

However, someone meddles with his mind again, giving him happiness for a week. During this week he moves into an apartment, makes like, three new friends, and asks Marie to be his partner again. It's a pretty productive week and once it's over the effects continue to linger.

Chapter 9.2 - Claus

Too bad. Alistair decides to force them into their own personal mental hells. Ciar's hell encompasses him as the last man left alive and he can still talk to everyone as hallucinations. It is his fear of failure and his fear of spiralling further down into mental degradation. He leaves unsettled and with extreme anxiety, something at the back of his mind is telling him that none of this is real.


Marie comes to him later, telling him that she cannot transform anymore and that he should find himself another partner. Ciar doesn't take this well at all a) because he is not getting another partner again and b) it seems to him that she's trying to get rid of him despite everything that they've gone through. Through his own words, he manages to find the most offensive and insensitive way to convey his emotions and upsets Marie.


Out of spite, he asks Fae, the strongest weapon in the area, to become his weapon. Fae agrees to a business relationship, neither of them wanting to get close to the other, acknowledging each other's ability.


Chapter 9.U - Hangmen

Ciar is forced into an event with multiple others where they judge each other's past actions - however the ones punished are not themselves but those they care the most for. For Ciar, this is obviously Marie, and when given the chance to reverse the near fatal damage to her through the sacrifice of another, he does not hesitate, effectively making multiple enemies at once.

It was all supposed to end there but while the physical damage was repaired, the scars still linger and Marie remembers the incident as Ciar trying to kill her. She avoids him after some vague questioning and Ciar is extremely frustrated as he believe he deserves an answer. 

When he finds out that he was the one who hurt her, he is devastated, asking for her forgiveness but only having her request that he stay away from her and never come back. Out of respect to her, he complies. 

His self loathing is extreme, he has become the thing he feared, he has failed yet again. His only other emotional compass, Fae, has also disappeared, he can only assume she too, has died.


At present he is extremely volatile and reckless. Nobody can stop him any longer. Why would they? He does not fear death or harm - why would he?