Logic Strauss

Name: Logic Strauss
Age: 22
Introduced: Chapter 8.3

Personality: Curious, Naive, Eccentric, Pleasant, Analytic, Simple, Honest, Optimistic, Gullible

While extremely intelligent, Logic is not at all educated. Simple concepts to you and I are foreign to her, fascinating to analyze and question. 

Always smiling, always asking questions, her primary goal is to expand her knowledge. She never has a bad word about anybody, willing to believe in the good of man.

Past: Lyka Strauss was the only child of Gregory Strauss, a genius in the field of artificial intelligence. After the death of his wife, Gregory became more and more recluse, isolating himself and his daughter into a facility far from society. 

They lived a self sufficient lifestyle and to Lyka, this was her world, she knew nothing more, wanted nothing more. 

Her father, unable to take care of this child on his own, created his magnum opus: Logic. Logic was a robot, parallel to his eight year old daughter in appearance and in intelligence. They were almost like twins. 

Except for the fact that Lyka was human.

And humans grew up. Humans had emotions. They could feel pain. They required sustenance and sleep. And Logic did not, forever pure, she never cried, she never left her state of constant wonder. 

And Lyka was slowly outshone by the thing created to be her - it had become a better her. She slowly came to abhor the fact that she was a human. It wasn't her fault but humans were, after all, useless.

One day, her father never came back. And Lyka waited. But eventually the food ran out. The generators broke. She waited until she could wait no more.

She had been left to die.

And she decided to herself, that she would set off into this wide world, she would find her father. But where would she even begin? The world was ever so big.

Her father didn't care about Lyka but he cared for Logic and if he heard word of his precious project seeking him out, evolving, he would have to come find her, wouldn't he?

It was a start, if anything. 

Chapter 9.4 - Queen of the Kill

Logic is granted a wish - however, at a price: the life of another. To her, this is meaningless, if she gets the chance to find her father, she will pay any price. This is what she has been trying to achieve for two years of her life, and with mild regret, she kills her weapon while her back is turned. 

She gets her wish and her father is delivered to her. She immediately guns him down, the accumulation of two decades of grief. During her journey she slowly came to realize that she was wronged. 

But she does not feel any better.


And now that Lyka has no reason to be Logic anymore, she should stop, and yet - Lyka isn't sure anymore where Logic stops and Lyka begins, entering a period of existential crisis.