Maradonna Santrose

Post Timeskip (Age 21)

Post Timeskip (Age 21)

Name: Maradonna Santrose
Age: 16
Introduced: Chapter 4.6

Personality: Quiet, Scared, Kind, Gentle, Mild, Obedient, Rational

Unlike Maradonna Yew, this Maradonna is timid and nervous. This Maradonna is never knew any hardship and does not know how to fight. This Maradonna is weak.

While she is still rational and efficient, this girl cares very much about the opinions and well being of others. She cares very much about how people perceive her. She never had to learn how to become apathetic.

She realizes that she’s living in another girl’s shadow.

And she knows that that girl was a bright sun and that she in that girl’s very long, very twisted  shadow.

Past: Maradonna Santrose was raised by a single working mother in a high rise in New York. Her mother loved her despite the fact that she was never around due to work. Maradonna didn't mind, able to take care of herself in her own quiet way, never hurting for money or company. She was well loved, well educated, and well adjusted.

Then, she was wrenched out of her world and into Grimoire, quickly learning the brutality of the place after having acid thrown into her face. Those who knew her face knew her as a violent killer, that was not the life she wanted to lead. This world was filled with blood and death, that was not the place she wanted to live in. Maradonna Yew may have gone to heaven, but she had been living in a hell.


Yew's former weapon, Ezra, attempts to take care of her but is going through his own traumas, he struggles. In her world, Ezra was her best friend, a sweet boy who would do anything for her - she seeks that in him but through miscommunication, the two of them never have the chance to talk before Ezra is forcefully enlisted into Seraph forces.

During the five years of peace, Maradonna grew more and more secluded, focusing on becoming a doctor and becoming stronger. She grows colder and more efficient - slowly, she becomes as apathetic as Yew had been in the beginning. She does not attempt to make friends. This is not her world. These are not her people.

And during the course of these five years, an irrational hatred for Ezra grows. He left her. He left her. And while she understands that it wasn't his fault, a little voice in her demands that she be selfish. Besides, it doesn't matter - it wasn't like he was going to come back.

Except, one day, he does.

And despite being deluded, he still wants to protect her, he wants to save the idea of her. He gives her unimaginable power, he turns her into a seraph, this delusion that she will follow him.

She kills herself.


Chapter 9.3 - Dead End Desires

Ezra, granted a wish, wishes for Maradonna to be brought back to life, to be made better.

And she was brought back to life.

She was made 'better'. 

For some unknowable reason, she is happier, she feels loved, she is content. And that is an empty feeling, perpetual contentment - she has no ambition, she has no anger. She is satisfied with what she has. Every reaction she has is flat. Fake. No feeling behind it. She demonstrates no initiative simply because she has none. 

Due to another wish, she becomes friends with Fae, an extremely powerful but naive weapon, also brought through the mirror. Fae wished for a friend and quickly takes to Maradonna since they are both in strange worlds.


Chapter 9.5 - The Lion, The Lamb, and The Wolves

Maradonna is summoned into a room with the other mirrors and their originals for a discussion. While initially calm, the knowledge that Yew has destroyed everything she has ever loved inflames something in her. She works with Fae to destroy both their parallels knowing that she would have no chance against Yew otherwise.

But she is weak, inexperienced, she cannot wield Fae and Yew takes advantage of this, killing Maradonna once and for all.