Maradonna 'Yew' Santrose

Start State

Start State

Name: Maradonna 'Yew' Santrose
Age: 16
Introduced: Chapter 1.1

Personality: Quiet, Negative, Apathetic, Self Destructive, Straightforward, Analytic

Yew is a quiet girl but she is not timid. She does not wish to draw attention to herself as she feels that she has nothing worth saying. Forced to grow up quickly, she doesn't keep her hopes up and really only speaks when spoken to. She is the perfect bystander.

While she may not be the most pleasant of people, she is blunt and honest. When she speaks, she is curt and to the point - it's easier to hide behind facts. You can't change facts - if they hurt, it's because they're true. 

Past: Maradonna Santrose was an unwanted child from the beginning. Her parents had been forced into a loveless marriage because of the imminent event of her birth. Her father was a possessive and headstrong man and her mother was quiet but ambitious. Both had not lived their lives enough to have them ended by the responsibility of a child.

Raised within extremely religious standards, Yew was raised to never speak unless spoken to. Her father ignored her and her mother teetered between treating her daughter kindly because she wanted to be the image of a good mother and being viciously honest on how unwanted her child was. 

Her parents often fought, neither of them were happy with each other and it was obvious behind the closed doors that Yew pressed her ear against as young girl. At age seven, she discovered her mother's affair and upon believing that her mother's unfaithful nature was the reason behind her family's unhappiness, she told her father.

Despite her good intentions and her imagining of a happy family, her father did not have the same intention. The marital dispute that followed after removed Yew from his custody and when her mother just as rejected her, she was sent off to live with her paternal grandparents in Georgia. 

Her grandmother was absolutely venomous and bitter towards her grandchild - to her, this was the product of the witch that had seduced her son. While she would house blood beneath her roof, she would never let the girl forget that she should be grateful for anything she gave her, constantly reaffirming every negative thought the girl had.

So Yew grew quieter. She grew quieter and tried to make herself smaller. She didn't want to be anymore of a burden than she already was. A living hassle, she contributed nothing, why was she even alive? She had no good points, she had no skills, what was the point?

Until her maternal uncle found her. A charismatic and optimistic man, Matias was the one who sent his niece to Grimoire, strongly believing that she needed to be surrounded by people her own age. If she could graduate, he would take her anywhere after. 

All she wanted was to die. So, why not? Why not try to do something to make herself worth something to someone?


Chapter 2.2 - Arcadia: Gehenna

During the chapter, Yew is corrupted by an artificial seraph and kills another student during her possession. She gains the ability to superheat her body, her nails become diamonds, she has hyperactive healing abilities, and her hair glows a luminescent blonde.

These are all a recipe for disaster for a girl of such religious upbringing. To kill is wrong but why did it feel so good? Suddenly given a taste of power, she had no idea how much she liked it, whipping between intense self loathing for this disgusting opinion and a constant of question of why not accept it? Why doesn't she deserve this? 

She looks like the angels of the bible now, with their blonde hair and blue eyes, is she not the equivalent of them now? 

She continues on this path of punishment, giving in to violent urges and then chiding herself afterwards - less and less, however.

She also gets six arms during an event, further adding to her god like delusion.


Chapter 4.6 - Your Curse, In Reverse

She is effectively removed from the storyline and is sent to a parallel universe by Wendell and is replaced by the Yew that lived in that world. This world is referred to as her 'heaven', the world that she would have lived in had everything in her life had gone right. For her, she just wanted to have a happy family and a good life - but that was the her of the past.

This world is healthy and ever growing, always expanding rapidly with technology. She has a mother who loves her. She has friends.

Yew despise this, she does not belong, she struggles to readjust to a normal world and eventually leaves, living within the sewers and subway systems.

The world, however, expanded too fast, they kept building up and after a year the sun was blocked by those tall buildings, the skies were blacked out by the smoke of production. Sunlight became a prized commodity, the world was growing, it continued to grow.

And to the woman who was the physical embodiment of the sun, perhaps, this really was the heaven she had wanted. Whispers grow into words, there is a woman who glows like the sun, burns like the sun, she has six arms, she is gracious, she will be our savior. 

And she becomes their savior, embracing their praise and their gifts, she somehow becomes the leader of a cult that continues to grow. While the world dies, she is thriving like the yew tree she was named after, her roots choking out all other 

Chapter 9.5 - The Lion, The Lamb, and The Wolves

Yew is summoned into a room and given the option to talk to her mirror self, Maradonna. Five years have passed and life has treated her well. She has developed into an entitled egomaniac who believes she is invincible.

During their conversation, she ends up killing Maradonna out of spite unaware that by doing so, she has no way of returning to her heaven. Upon finding out she becomes absolutely unbearable, going on a violent rampage, what do you mean she's stuck here?


With this knowledge, she accepts Alistair's offer to become a god. It was only within her natural right.