Villa Cha

Post Timeskip (Age 19)

Post Timeskip (Age 19)

Name: Villa Cha
Age: 14
Introduced: Chapter 4.1

Personality: Bright, Curious, Loud, Eager, Fearless, Hyperactive, Reckless, Impulsive, Confident, Spoiled, Protective

Villa Cha has been raised as the princess of her household, proud of herself and her family. She is amazing no matter what others may tell her, never forget it!

Her youth is evident in her personality, always laughing, always smiling, always looking for new adventures. She can get annoying with her pestering and she is aware of that - but she does not care, she is the priority here!

Past: Born in a predominantly male household, Cha was doted on by her three older brothers and father. They were of little means, running a Chinese restaurant in a Chinatown, surrounded by friends and extended family. 

Despite her cleft lip, her family made sure she never felt any lesser for it, always accepting of what she wanted to do, encouraging of her hopes and dreams. They have always made time for her. 

When she found out she could transform into a chainsaw, she was elated - it was a weapon that really did encompass her personality, loud, aggressive, and left an impression! Her family, however, was at a loss - they had anticipated her becoming a weapon, a long lineage of polearms and swords but - this was a little outside their area of expertise.

They sent her off to their alma mater, Tabula Rasa where the Cha name was well known - it was here where she picked up the habit of being called Cha. And it was at Tabula Rasa where she met her meister, Amity Ward, an equally young girl who was far away from home, timid and shy. They played off of each others perfectly, quickly becoming best friends. Amity wanted a friend who would never leave her and Cha was never against someone who admired her.

After the fall of Tabula Rasa, Amity and Cha were separated during their journey to Grimoire. To Cha, this was eye opening - little Amity who would have never left her... had left?

And when they reunited at Grimoire, months later, Cha smiled as if nothing had changed. But she never forgot. 

During the five years of peace and her various interactions and relationships, Cha grew up into the biggest brat - but she never really did 'grow up'. All throughout her life, she had been enabled and now was no different. Amity didn't want to lose her best friend and so she was willing to smile at Cha's reckless behaviour. 

She does what she wants, gets what she wants, and never blames herself. 

Chapter 7.4: If It's Only An Illusion Is Murder Really Against The Law?

During an event, Amity and Cha are brought into a house with fifteen other players, where they are told to play a murder mystery game without consequence. At night, the house will go dark and those with killing intent will be able to see - however, those with killing intent must attempt to kill. Those that are caught are also killed. The goal is to be the last man standing. It is later revealed that while the murders never happened, those that were killed felt the effects just as they would have.

Through these events, it is revealed that Cha is not as stupid or unfocused as she portrayed herself to be, actually extremely manipulative and quick to lie. Quick thinking and resourceful, she knows exactly what she's doing even if she says she doesn't.

While Amity does not kill, Cha murders two in cold blood and almost wins the game with her lies in the final round. Her first kill is due to an agreement with another player, she has never spoken to her target therefore nobody would suspect her. She pours bleach over his face and stabs him for good measure.

Her second kill is another unrelated player, motivated by the idea of winning the game. She leaves the room Amity and her are in and sets him on fire. However, because she left, she is not able to protect Amity, returning to find her partner dead in the morning.

Absolutely furious, she accuses Lamar, the most likely to kill out of the ones left. In his desperation to save himself, he accuses her, effectively killing them both. Despite the fact that if she had not left the room in the first place, she considers Lamar extremely selfish and blames him for Amity's death.

The two of them use this to further leverage Lamar with guilt. He owes them a favor.

Chapter 8.2: Two-Faced Emptiness

During the civil war between Q and Blanc, Cha and Amity are sent out on a mission to defend territory from the opposing side. They encounter Lamar and while Cha is willing to step back, Amity demands blood - and who is Cha but her loyal weapon? 

Lamar refuses to step down, a favor is not worth his life and despite the duo's imminent win, they are betrayed by their ally, Alexis, quickly turning the tables of the fight. Amity becomes critically injured and Cha goes berserk, growing desperate, they have to win, they - have - to

Once again, she was selfish in her aggression and Amity got hurt.

In her reckless desperation, she too, is overwhelmed and is on the brink of death when Wendell appears and offers to take them through the mirror where all their wounds will be healed and they will enter their perfect worlds. 

Cha sends Amity through one mirror but does not enter one herself. She knows that the worlds the two of them will enter will be different. Amity will be there but it won't be her Amity. Her family will be there but it won't be her family. 

Still, Villa Cha insists on being selfish.


She refuses Wendell's offer and instead, requests for death. Wendell complies and throws her into the abyss.