Big Bad

Summary: Big Bad is a mystery series with obvious parallels and  references to fairy tales in a world where that's just a coincidence. It follows Cherry Rousse, a crime blogger who's new in town and her desire to solve a crime that has gone unsolved for too long.

In the loud and bright city of Hanzkrimm, people come and people go all the time - but not always of their own volition. For some unknown reason, serial killers flock here, and the police department is always swamped with cases that need to be solved. However, this doesn’t make the city any less robust, as the citizens don’t seem to notice this very evident problem.

Despite all the prolific murders in this city, there is no one quite like Big Bad. Big Bad seems more like a legend that mothers tell their children, the hunter of evil and other killers. But Cherry knows better - she knows that Big Bad isn’t just a bedtime story and she knows that she’ll find him. 

Because who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not her, that's for sure.

Places of Interest:

Welcome to Hanzkrimm, population 2.5 million. The city that all the movies make you want to live in. Despite its high crime rate,  Hanzkrimm is extremely appealing towards both tourists and residents alike. With many high rise buildings and a bustling nightlife, there’s never a dull moment here.

Hanzkrimm Metropolitan Police Department
5000 members. The HMPD is quite corrupted the higher you go, whether or not its through bribery or blackmail, its no wonder that criminals get away with so much when the police are turning a blind eye to everything around them. Then again, it could just be incompetence but - we'd like toe place more faith within the human race.

The Aesop Independent Offices
200 members. While not as corrupted as the police department, they have been known to drop stories or feature stories if bribed. Headed by the charismatic and well regarded Bachur U, it is no secret that his days of chasing after stories is long over after becoming a laughingstock conspiracy theorist in the early days of his career.


Cherry Rousse, 24
Ethnicity: French
Profession: Blogger, Reporter
Summary: In her spare time, Cherry likes to blog about murders and crimes, tracking cases that the Hanzkrimm police force are currently working on. She reads many murder mysteries, often romanticizing detective work unrealistically.

She interns for the Aesop Independent, aspiring to become a crime reporter.

Merona Lu, 23
Ethnicity: Eurasian (Chinese/Russian) 
Profession: Private Investigator
Summary: Merona is an eccentric private investigator with an IQ score of 158. She unintentionally talks down to people, often provoking them, as her sense of tact is weak. Despite being so socially stunted, she is rather well known in her field as she has much success in her work. She follows the Big Bad case on the side before joining the investigation full time.

She demonstrates classic signs of an antisocial personality disorder. 

Keith Holt, 32
Ethnicity: German
Profession: Police Lieutenant
Summary: Not the most ambitious of types, Keith was willing to just the right amount of work to get by in life. Unfortunately, that plan was ruined by Cherry, who realized that Keith was closing cases that were still unsolved. He helps her grudgingly and even more so grudgingly when Merona joins them. 

He is often questioning his own moral decisions, very aware of the weight of his actions. 

Portia Lu, 26
Ethnicity: Eurasian (Chinese/Russian) 
Summary: Merona’s older sister who runs a bakery. Much friendlier and sociable than her little sister, it becomes clear that Merona’s personality disorders and eccentricities could be attributed to often being compared to her sister.

Portia is also somehow single despite being extremely popular with her male customers.