Death Hunters

Summary: Death Hunters is an online collaborative art and narrative project between 35 people. You design a character for a predetermined narrative world and once a week, major plot points occur within the world, forcing you to adapt and develop your characters at a rapid pace.

 After two years of run time, the group is in its final chapter. 


At the beginning, the premise of the group was a modern day universe, centralized around a specialized academy for 'weapons' and 'meisters' named Grimoire. A weapon was a human that had the ability to transform into a weapon, while a meister was a human that had the ability to use these weapons through a mental connection called 'resonation'. The world had been running rampant with ghouls, creatures that desired human flesh, some even evolving further towards sentience. 

The school was a hotspot for chaos, dangerous ghouls with unpredictable abilities were constantly attacking. It was rumored that the reasons behind this was that the headmistress, Blanc, was a ghoul. With lack of communication and the constant violence, paranoia grew between the student body and the faculty.

The concept of 'corruption' was introduced, ghouls could corrupt humans to make them more 'ghoul like', giving them specialized abilities. However, in return, they could now no longer resonate with regular humans anymore. 

During these events, a sister school from across the country, Tabula Rasa merges with Grimoire, introducing a new cast of characters. Their headmistress, Wendell, is unpredictable and violent, careless with her students and is completely based on personal whims. She has extreme powers of creation, anything she imagines becomes a reality and it is revealed that she is one half of a god, hellbent on locating her second half.

Seraphim are introduced, nothing to do with angels - they are merely the opposites to ghouls and in turn, they too, could corrupt. While ghouls had blood based powers, seraphim were more abstract in concept. Their leader, the Lady, seeks the destruction of God and does not care of the consequences in between. 

In a long standing fight between Grimoire and the Seraphim, it is revealed that Blanc's weapon is the second half of God. Upon discovery, Wendell creates a barrier separating the Grimoire from the outside world and Blanc falls into a coma. Five years of peace begin.

During this time, it is revealed that the world outside of Grimoire has fallen, ghouls have destroyed most of the civilization that could not defend itself. Grimoire becomes Elysium, a sanctuary and a resistance located on the west coast of America. The average person is incredibly isolated.

The signal of the end of peace is when a lone seraph infiltrates Elysium to ask his friends to join him, they are on the losing side. The seraphs are planning something and he does not wish to see those he cared about die.

Blanc wakes up and is horrified at the lengths Q, her right hand man, is willing to go to secure Elysium. They enter a brief period of civil war which concludes in Blanc regaining control over the sanctuary. 

Alistair, a seraph informant, now turned for unknown reasons, is the primary reason why Elysium stands anything of a chance against the Seraphs. However, he is mentally unpredictable and has unclear motives. He has the ability to predict the future - until one day, he can't. This throws him into a downward mental spiral, everything he knew is now potentially wrong, the plan is wrong, the plan is wrong, Elysium was supposed to win. 

He is incredibly powerful, able to stand toe to toe with the Lady, his abilities allowing him to manipulate the mental world, accessing a person's fears, hopes, and dreams. However, Alistair is killed and within his desperation to survive, he destroys the human world and creates multiple gods in his place. Elysium is wrenched into the Capital, the seraph world, by a seraphim General, and that's where we leave off until the next chapter.

These are the characters I've personally maintained during the course of this project that have a direct involvement in the plot. Included in their pages is the prose associated with them as well.