The Eternic Laws of the Lammenyeti

This Is Not Our World
Our Actions Will Not Matter
We Will Not Stop Unless We Start

to go against the Eternic is to renounce
to renounce is to forget the Lammenyeti

Do not lament.
Do not forget.

Lammenyeti do not remember how they began. They only remember beginning.

  • Lammenyeti do not die, they will live for as long as they want to

  • Because some come into existence at different points in history, some have drastically different abilities and forms

  • The Lammenyeti have two primary forms - access to two different worlds.

  • All forms can be accessed in both worlds

  • In their world, they can do anything. In their world they even have the power to create their own subworld.

  • Some even forget who/what they are in their wishes. They are what they delude themselves to be.

The Entropal Land of Creatigress

Creatigress is a world of constant improvement and risk. Populated by the ambitious Creatigri race, it is what the Yeti call the human race and world.

The Eternic Land of Lamenyento

This is a land of lost memories and forgotten shreds. A world that relies on the existence of the Entropal Land. One man’s idle thoughts can become an immortal pillar in this world. It holds wonder and it holds magic. Anything is possible as long as you can remember. This is the world where fairy tales take place in - this is the world where you can become anybody you want.

The Lammenyeti are a rare race of horned creatures of varying appearance. Little is known about them but the fables claim them to be powerful beings that are capable of anything and everything. Most have forgotten of the beasts, waving it off as just stories.

While the Lammenyeti are not the dominant race of Lamenyento, they are the pillars of its existence. For their immortal nature, they will always remember. Sacred beings, their species are the only thing that they share. There will always be Lammenyeti in the Eternic Lands for when one stops, another will start. Even if the majority of Lamenyento is ignorant of the Lammenyeti, the Lammenyeti

They can enter the Entropal Lands and retrieve more memories to clutter the Eternic Lands. Some go to the Eternic Lands to live, some go to play, some just go. Every Lammenyeti is different - they all have their own agendas, their own purpose. Varying talents, different lifestyles.

Some realize but most deny. Slowly, their world is dying. The bright flame on this melting candle flickers dangerously.

Nothing is Eternic.

The Second: Granite

The Second: Pommel

A foreign concept, two yetis being one number - how was it possible? And yet, it was, the two of them never in the same place at the same time, rumors were merely rumors.

Pommel rarely leaves his world - he's too busy. Like Granite, he has no powers - but he does have a sword that can force a yeti to renounce.

Granite and Pommel have been around since the very beginning. Every yeti has some subconscious awareness of their existence. If yetis had parents, they would be the characters of their bedtime stories. Granite, the trickster in the corner of your eye and Pommel, the monster under the bed.

Granite is the record keeper - she has the key to the world - all of them. She can enter any yeti’s plane even without invitation. This is how she keeps her records. It doesn’t matter how many stories or secrets she sees - she cannot talk. Don’t try to hide from her. It’s fruitless.

She is the reason he never leaves home.

Pommel is a mediator. Despite never leaving his world, the idea of him and his sword is enough to inspire some sense of dread. He does not ask questions, he does not need explanations. Those who break the eternic laws will be forced to renounced. This is not your world. Tread carefully.

He is the reason she will never go home.